Login on Laravel 5.4.36 with Bootstrap 4

by Chucho Vergara

Posted on June 2, 2018 at 23:47 PM

Do you have a clean Laravel installation and you want to add it some bootstrap template version 4 to create some custom web app with a ready to use login properly installed?

Well you're a really lucky person. Here you have it, a Laravel login made it with Boostrap V4 mixed with the famous SB Admin Boostrap Free Template. Maybe is important to clarify that Auth command was already executed on this installation.

In the other hand every page such as login, reset password, and home are the originals form the Boostrap site.

If you want to check wich template I'm talking about, you can visit the original Start Bootstrap website and look for the SB Admin Template.

If you find some troubles with migrations, the sql file is alredy include in the case you want to import you database manualy.

Chucho Vergara

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